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Jean Claude Wouters




Wouters (b. 1956) is a belgian artist, who lived and worked in Brussels, Paris, Tokyo, Italy, Dubai, and is now based in Los Angeles.

He studied drawing from an early age, then Ballet, film and various performing arts. In his career as an artist he has shown an intense sensitivity to the nature of both the body and the spirit.

After studying and dancing with Maurice Béjart in late 70’s, Wouters started to work as a performing artist and as an independent filmmaker, with his work selected by the British Film Institude, the Director Fortnight section at the Cannes Film Festival in 1981 (Brian Eno - Music for Films), and receiving several awards in international film festivals.

Selected solo exhibitions include “PORTRAITS & NUDES” Ariel Meyrowitz Gallery (New York, 2005), “FACES”, Knott Gallery (Brussels, 2008), “PORTRAITS”, “SHADOW OF THE SKY”, ”BUDDHAS” The Marunouchi Gallery (Tokyo 2006, 2008, 2009), "LANDSCAPES ” The Empty Quarter Gallery (Dubai, 2009), Taka Ishii Gallery (Kyoto 2010).

Wouters has also collaborated with fashion designer Marc Jacobs for ARTREAGEOUS at Bloomingdale’s (New York, 2007). In 2011, he performed at the LACMA museum (Los Angeles), and at the MOCA museum (Tucson, AZ).

In 2012 he was awarded the POLLOCK-KRASNER Foundation Grant in NYC.






Born In 1956 Brussels Belgium

Lives and works in Brussels and Los Angeles






ERG - Brussels, BE



INSAS - Brussels, BE



MUDRA - Brussels, BE

Solo exhibition



“Unseen Paintings by Disappeared Artists” KnottShop - Brussels, BE



Noho Modern Gallery / “Portraits & Buddhas” - Los Angeles, US



Taka Ishii Gallery / "The Sweetest Embrace" - Kyoto, JP



Marunouchi Gallery / "Buddhas" - Tokyo, JP



Block Knott Gallery / "Faces & Traces" - Brussels, BE



Marunouchi Gallery / "Spirit of the Sky" - Tokyo, JP

In Situ installation for Alain Hubert -  Château de Seneffe / "Midnight is the True Light" - Seneffe, BE

Bloomingdale’s / "Artreageous" in association with Marc Jacobs - NYC



Marunouchi Gallery / "Portraits" - Tokyo, JP

Hillstone, Shoto / "Buddhas & new things" - Tokyo, JP

Bloomingdale’s Soho / "Portraits - the invisible exhibition "-  NYC



Ariel Meyrowitz Gallery, Chelsea / "Portraits & nudes" - NYC

"Private Showing" with Jean Paul Knott - NYC



Hillstone, Shoto / "Portraits"  - Tokyo, JP



Group exhibitions



World Trade Center 13rd floor / "MANIFESTO" Curator Stephanie Pécourt  - Brussels, BE



Tokyo Photo  – Marunouchi Gallery - Tokyo, JP

Shanghai Artfair – Marunouchi Gallery - Shanghai, CN

Tokyo ArtFair – Marunouchi Gallery - Tokyo, JP



The Empty Quarter Gallery / "Landscapes"  - Dubai

Taka Ishii Gallery / "Armory Show" - New York, US



Nailya Alexander Gallery / "The Visual Path" - New York, US

Tokyo ArtFair - Marunouchi Gallery - Tokyo, JP

La Réserve - VIP program Fiac / "Chambres à Part"curated by Laurence Dreyfus - Paris, FR



Galerie Vie / "Love the Belgian Way" curated by Jean Paul Knott - Tokyo , JP



Group exhibition, hôtel SEZZ / "Chambres à Part" curated by Laurence Dreyfus - Paris, FR

First Art Triennale of Hasselt / "Beauty without Irony" curated by Ninette Murk - Hasselt, BE



TAF Gallery, curated by Hidemi Iizuka / "Track 04" - Paris, FR



Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, curated by Artus de Lavileon / "6 years of exhibition at NIM" - Paris, FR

 "5 manifestations + 1 non lieu" Agnès B. - rue Dieu, curated by Emmy de Martelaere - Paris, FR



"non-lieu #1-terrain vague", rue Saint Nicolas, curated by Emmy de Martelaere - Paris, FR



Special projects



"Crinoline Man" filmed performance in the Resnick Pavillion -

 LACMA museum - Los Angeles, US

"Shadow Walker" Artist Residency at the Museum of Contemporary  Art Tucson - AZ  filmed performances, photographies, drawings - Tucson, US



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Design : Pollen design 2015